Your chance to tell us what you would like from West Peckham church in 2017?


You can print this out and send us this. Or you can download the Document as a PDF West Peckham proposals 2017 as well.

Proposed changes to services in 2017 and a community consultation.
In the following pages you will find the PCC’s proposals to have an experimental period of trialling different services, and a consultation on how the church in West Peckham, YOUR CHURCH – OUR CHURCH, can be a place where you come more often, where your children feel at home, where you come for meditation, reflection, seeking calm and the grace of God. In a world of hi-tech demands on our every breathing moment, where our phones are rarely put down or switched off, where our constant searching through remote contacts on facebook, twitter, snapchat looking for conversations with strangers we rarely – if ever- meet face to face, we have forgotten the art of nourishing our soul, spirit and mind. Through prayer, reflection, contemplation and meditation, through moments of silence and seeking peace, Christianity seeks to build a relationship that goes deeper than just a swipe of a screen.

Do read the enclosed carefully – keep for yourself the information about the experimental period of services as a reminder, and send us your comments and thoughts.

New trial timetable for services at West Peckham
In the first six months of 2017, we will be exploring different types of service, and we would like to invite you to come to these and give us your feedback.
First Sunday of each month 8am short said Holy Communion (traditional language)
Second Sunday of each month 11am Monthly Communion (modern language with upbeat music)
Third Sunday of each month 8am short said Holy Communion (traditional language)
Fourth Sunday of each month 11am Sunday 45’ (modern language, not communion, family focused, lasting 45 minutes)
Fifth Sunday (29 Jan, 30 April) 6pm Evening Service, traditional feel, quiet and contemplative, with some music/singing.
Additionally: the FIRST Wednesday of each month, 10am, a mid-week short service, followed by tea and coffee

The purpose of the church is to serve the needs of the local community, to comfort the hurting, to bring solace to the dispirited, and to bring the light of Christ into a world that is often consumed by darkness – depression, anxiety, loneliness, sadness.
This does not mean that we only serve the community on Sundays, but every day of the week. For many people, Sunday morning services simply don’t work, because of pressure from school, sports clubs, or work shift patterns. As the world changes, the way in which we serve has to change as well.
In order to better serve this community, we would like to ask your thoughts on these questions. Feel free to write to us with other suggestions and ideas. We will read everything you send us, and even if we can’t act on it immediately, we will reply to you and give it serious consideration (please leave your contact details if you would like a reply).

Some Questions of what you would like from West Peckham church?

– What type of service are you most likely to attend?

– What type of service would you and your family like to see in the church?

– If you have children, what day and time would be best for them to be able to participate?

– If there was a children’s club or Sunday school, what frequency would you prefer?

– What have you seen other churches do that you think we could try in West Peckham?

– What can the church do outside of services to better serve the needs of the local community?

– Would food play a big part in your decision to participate? Monthly breakfasts? Men’s breakfasts? Community lunches?

– Anything else?

How to give us your feedback

Send your comments to or drop them off at
The Rectory, The Street, Mereworth, ME18 5NA

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