New Priest appointed for KingsHill

We are very pleased and excited that we can now reveal the new Priest who will be moving into KingsHill and working hard to build the church there. He will be based at KingsHill and joins the team of Pat Dickin (based in Mereworth) and David Green (from West Malling).

Your local bishop has very exciting plans for growing the church in the local area, and the critical first step has been to find the right person to be the new priest for KingsHill.

About Mark Montgomery….

Mark currently holds a Bishop’s Licence as Youth Officer for the Diocese of Chester and, for the last 18 months, has worked as a self-supporting Pioneer Minister at St Paul’s with St Luke’s, Tranmere assisting the church in reaching out to families and young people. 

Mark was ordained in 2010 and served his title at St Mary’s Upton, Overchurch. Prior to that, Mark worked across various parishes and dioceses in the Church of England as a full-time youth minister and volunteer for 18 years. He continues to be a Professional Practice Tutor with the Institute for Children, Youth and Mission (CYM). Mark is married to Kirsty and they have a daughter, Isabella.

They moved from Kent to the North-West twelve years ago and are really excited to be coming back to Kent to serve in Kings Hill, Mereworth, West Malling, Offham and West Peckham. Mark is also looking forward to working alongside two great colleagues in David and Pat, across a variety of churches and they look forward to meeting you soon.


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