Off to the Holy Land…

We landed in Jerusalem with 41°C!! Even to me it felt a tad warm….

To be here is an extraordinary experience, and seems slightly surreal.  We got here with a little time to settle in our rooms, and then we changed into cooler clothes for dinner. After dinner, and still with 32°C, we went out for a walk through th  old city of Jerusalem.  No tour guide, just ambling through the narrow pedestrian roads. We didn’t realise, but for the Jewish population TODAY was the major feast of Pentecost, so there was no public transport, buses or trams, and  most large shops were closed, except for those of the muslim community.  

As we wandered through the narrow roads, we entered through the damascus gate, we came across stones with a small plaque… they were from the original road, before Christ!  And we stood on them, thinking of the (literally) millions of people who had stood on them before us.  

We then go to the Wailing wall. Another day we’ll be making the “official visit” with a tour guide, but it was a humbling experience to  stand there surrounded by hundreds of people praying, with bottles of water and drink (no alcohol anywhere), bags with fruit and dates, the children playing and teasing each other while the adults prayed.  

And I wondered when did “the church” in England become so restrictive on children?  This was a real celebratiin and the whole community was involved; there was joy, and singing and chaos… but there was so me thing of great beauty.  We continued on our walk and came out at the Joppa gate.  It is beautiful and warm, so back to the hotel for some rest.  

Unfortunately, my minilaptop was left behind at Heathrow, so I’m praying for people’s honestly for it to be returned so that I can recover it.

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