Did you know that there are lots of St. Dunstan’s Churches in the local area?

I was doing some research today for our church website. St. Dunstan is a fairly obscure Saint so I was quite surprised to discover that there are actually quite a few St. Dustan’s churches. It seems especially popular as a name for churches founded in 10th Centurt. Here are some local examples which share the same Saint as our church…

St Dunstan in the East Church Garden in RoeHampton (link) – the ruins of a medieval church in London, now a garden.

St Dunstan in Mayfield (link) and Cranbrook (link) Р active local Church of England church in our local area.

St Dunstan and All Saints in Stepney (link) –¬†one of the oldest churches in east London.

St Dunstan’s Roman Catholic Church in Woking (link) and Cranford (link)

Here is a selection of images from the Internet – can you spot a picture of West Peckham St. Dunstan’s church?

As you would expect for a church named after the patron Saint of bell ringers, they all seem to have impressive bell towers…


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