What do anniversaries mean to you?

Today is a big anniversary and the news channels will be full of images to remind us of the tragic events in Dallas 50 years ago….

Anniversaries are very important to people, even if they celebrate events which took place long ago. 2 weeks ago we celebrated Remembrance Sunday at St. Lawrence’s church (Mereworth) and this event has become more (not less important) in recent years despite the passing of the last few survivors who actually remember the 1918 Armistice in recent years.

We are about to enter the Christmas season where Christians remember the most important anniversary in History – the day when God choose to join us here on Earth and be born as a child in Bethlehem.

We will have a whole schedule of services and events in our three churches – some modern, some traditional, some more musical, some less serious, some more solemn. ┬áThis is a very important anniversary and we hope you will join us at a service to enjoy the music, your local churches and think about what this anniversary means to you.

All will be very welcome.

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