“Church of England on Kings Hill”?

It is quite a mouthful to identify the congregation of the CHurch of England on Kings Hill in that way.  Bishop James, Bishop of Rochester, has given us permission to seek a name for the Church of England on Kings Hill.  It is unusual, as usually a congregation only takes a name when there is a church building, but, because having a building does not depend on the people of the congregation and community but on the whims of the Developers and the pressure of the council, we have ben given permission to decide a name to identify ourselves as a community.  Instead of being authoritarian, we have opened it up to public vote.  After an initial process to define a short-list of 3 names, now it is an open and public vote to decide a name for the Church of England on Kings Hill.

Here’s how to do it: go to this link http://www.kingshillchurch.org.uk/ and cast your vote on one of the three finalist names: St Leonard’s (local connection to St Leonard’s tower), St Gabriel (associated with the proclaimer of good news in the Bible) and Christ the King (a link to the name of Kings Hill).  Make your voice heard!

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