Day two – Mount of Olives and Jerusalem

Today we started by going to the Mount of Olives where we celebrated Holy Communion. From there we were able to see many of the locations for both the Old Testament and the Gospels. We walked down into the city, and visited many of the churches that have been built on the Holy sites, walked the Via Dolorosa, the stations of the Cross, and had lunch at the Cinvent if Ecce Hommo, built on the section of the Old City where Jesus would’ve been presented to Pilate. We ended the day by visiting the site if Golgotha.

It is extraordinary to be seeing these places so deeply steeped in history and faith. Our guide is a Christian who was born and raised in this holy place, and it is great to be having conversations with him that combine faith, political reality and social situations.

Tomorrow we’re off to Bethlehem. I must remember to take my passport…

You can read about my previous day here.

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