Day Eight – Caesarea, Joppa and Jaffa

Having packed our bags, we head south. We visit Caesarea Maritima, what used to be a bustling port city where Paul was imprisoned and held by the Roman Authorities while he waited to ship off to Rome. It sits on the shores of Israel, with the blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea licking the shores.
From there, we continue south along the Mediterranean, to the town of Jaffa, then called Joppa. We have lunch there, before going to the airport in Tel Aviv.

We’re homeward bound. The last 8 days have given me a new insight into the smells, sights and sounds of Jesus’ earthly ministry. I have felt Closer to Jesus, to understanding more about His teachings and the many symbolic layers of His actions.

In Jerusalem we were told you never say goodbye, but one parts from friends saying “Next year inJerusalem”. Maybe next year you can come on pilgrimage to Jerusalem with me, and see for yourself the Holy Places. Next year in Jerusalem.

You can read about my previous day here.

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